Why do domestic LP pressings sound like crap?

I've had two experiences buying defective LPs.

First I bought Guided By Voices' "Earthquake Glue" (Matador) and the second side is off-center. Apparently a substantial number of the pressing is bad. I returned the LP, got a new one and that was defective as well.

You have to go searching on Matador's bulletin board to find any information about it, although I just searched for it again and couldn't find the info. But to their credit, they will replace your bad LP with a good one.

I can't help but wonder why they wouldn't just recall all the LPs and have the pressing plant correct the problem?

I also just bought the Shins' "Chutes Too Narrow" LP on Sub Pop. The sticker on the cover said it came with a free poster (which it didn't). I played the LP and there is this overwhelming surface noise and static.

To Sub Pop's credit, they replaced the defective LP, except the replacement was also defective.

Lately, I've bought several LPs that were pressed in Europe, and I've found that the quality of the vinyl is better and the pressings sound much cleaner.

I wonder why domestic pressings seem to be of lesser quality?

Anyone else have similar problems?