Adopt a homeless pet in Delaware

The Delaware Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Faithful Friends Inc., Forgotten Cats Inc. and other animal rescue groups are working together on a statewide effort in Delaware to reduce the number of pets who are put to death because homes cannot be found.

Where to adopt a pet in Delaware:

Gas explosion next door

Last week there was a gas explosion in the house next door, which you can read about here.

Fortunately our house is intact, although there appears to be some structural damage. Still waiting on inspectors, engineers and insurance companies to give us the lowdown.

I wasn't home when the explosion happened, but several neighbors tell me it was loud and even rattled their windows. The best news is that our dogs, Kitty, Jazz and Augie are all OK, but were a little shaken by the explosion.

Archmere Academy graduate claims sexual abuse

Why am I not surprised to read that Archmere Academy graduate, Kenneth Whitwell, is suing Archmere Academy and the Catholic Diocese of Wilmington for alleged sexual abuse?

You can read the story here. (link no longer active)

Here's a summary of the lawsuit.

Several things struck me about this article. First, I had the priest referenced in the article as a teacher. Whitwell's assertion rings true to me - a few of the priests who taught at Archmere while I attended definitely had groups of boys that were almost groupies in a sense - they hovered around them and had relationships which on the surface, seemed to go beyond the typical teacher-student relationship.

Second, what male who attended Archmere in the mid-'80s doesn't remember walking the school halls and getting their behind groped by a certain someone? I mean, inappropriate touching happened to me on more than one occasion! It's worth noting that it's pretty easy to dismiss or ignore the intermittent ass grab when you're that young.

But looking back, it was almost a rite of passage, because it seemed like an open secret. The guy even had a nickname, which everyone I knew referred to, so I know it just wasn't limited to me. A lot of people experienced it. A few random instances of grabass, I can live with. But the type of incident Whitwell is claiming is much more serious.

But even as a young teen who was having a really tough time fitting into the clique/Catholic hierarchy and student way of life at the prestigious private high school, it was evident there was some type of monkey business going on behind the scenes.

I applaud Kenneth Whitwell for coming forth with his claims. It took a lot of nerve to go public with such a private story that has undoubtedly caused him a lot of personal pain and embarssment. I'll be looking forward to see how this matter plays out.

Mitch Hedberg tribute on Sirius

I got a pleasant surprise when I turned on Sirius this afternoon on my drive home from work. Raw Dog channel 104 did a two hour tribute to Mitch Hedberg featuring his wife Lynn Shawcroft and Doug Stanhope.

They played a lot of previously unheard Mitch stuff and told a bunch of stories of how great Mitch was. I tried calling in, but I got disconnected after 90 minutes on hold, which was a bummer.

Lynn sounded like a cool chick.

Check out

Going Underground book

I'm reading George Hurchalla's book, "Going Underground" right now.

It's a really good account of the American punk underground with quotes from old fanzine interviews as well as some first person recounting by the author.

The fact that Hurchalla documents a lot of the Philly punk scene (he grew up on the east coast) resonates with me since I turned onto a lot of the same bands and shows he discusses (e.g., McRad, Electric Love Muffin, Fugazi playing in the parking garage at Drexel).

Anyway, it's a good read and a nice companion to "American Hardcore."

I have a crapload of other stuff I want to read. It takes me a long time to read a book because my attention span for reading books is so poor.

Carrie Underwood's new CD, "Some Hearts" track by track

I wrote a review of Carrie Underwood's new CD, "Open Hearts" for work. You can read it here, if you're so inclined.

Riot Fest 2005 pics and wrap-up

MXV from The Punk Vault has some great pictures from Riot Fest 2005, held in Chicago.

Some legendary bands played including The Germs, Dead Kennedys, The Angry Samoans and The Effigies.

Thanks for the great pics Mike!

Riot Fest 2005 day one
Riot Fest 2005 day two
Riot Fest after party at The Exit

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