Last person to get an iPod

That would be me. I plan on getting a 60gb video iPod in the next couple of days.

I blew off going to see Rev. Bob Levy on Friday night with Landers. I was just too tired and out of it to make it. I've seen Levy 2X and he's hilarious.

I'm a lameass for staying in on a Friday night. I can remember the days when I was younger and not going out on the weekend would drive me nuts.

I may hit the New Castle Farmers Market today. You never know when you're gonna find a killer stash of records out there.
Product endorsement of the day

Breathe Right nasal strips - These things actually help you breathe a little better and do alleviate some nasal and sinus congestion.

Also pimping Halls Tropical Fruit cough drops.

Yes this is a lame post.
More American Idol bullshit

I started my second year of covering American Idol for my day job.

I hate watching the show and inevitably every week there's something that totally pisses me off. I rip contestants and the show itself a new a-hole week after week.

Yet people come to the site in droves to read it. While I do get fan mail, I get tons of hate mail from people who say they'll never read my shit again.

Then the next week they e-mail me all over again, complaining and explaining their Idol theories. These jerks put more thought into American Idol than they do which politicians they should vote for.

The second week of auditions begin tonight. If you click over here you can read all about it -- once I've had a chance to come up with my latest argument why American Idol sucks out loud.
McG on

I'm now on

I currently have no friends on myspace, which is just how it is in real life.
Recuperation, relaxation

Trying to take it easy and recover from this cold. I've had a few really horrible chest coughs that sound like I've been a smoker for 20 years. Ick.

I'm listening to Used Wigs podcast #5 - they have Aaron from sitting in. I think I may buy some putty!
Sick of being sick

Ew. Whenever I get a nasty cold, it turns into a nasty scene. Thanks to allergies and sinus problems, a cold just gets me all out of whack. Right now I've got some wicked chest congestion that could easily turn into bronchitis if I'm not careful.

Until then, I'm getting a lot of rest and drinking a lot of fluids including Propel fitness water, which is essntially a diet version of Gatorade.
Killed by Death radio online! has a great blend of KBD punk, '80s hardcore and some other tasty punk treats available to listen online.
Reading Frenzy II

If you're looking for a good place to buy a zine or book, check out Portland's Reading Frenzy. They have tons of cool stuff for sale in their trading post.
Reading frenzy

I'm trying to get up the manpower required to get through all of the books and zines I've picked up in the last month.

I was stoked to see that Jonathan Ames has a new collection of short stories out called "I Love You More Than You Know."

I'm reading Harmon Leon's foray into the world of politics called "Republican Like Me." It's not as funny as "The Harmon Chronicles." This book is startling and downright depressing because of how f'd up and divided this country is on a cultural and spiritual level.

I plan on taking a break from the reading and catching a screening of The Untold Story of Emmett Louis Till. I saw the trailer for it last week and it looks compelling.

Still, I need to focus more on my reading and learn how to relax and get through a book without getting distracted by the computer or the urge to listen to music every 10 minutes. That's a tall order for someone like me.
All hail Bill Kelly

I really enjoyed listening to Bill Kelly's Teenage Wasteland at work today.

Bill plays some great rock and roll oldies along with some new stuff. I'm always impressed with his knowledge of music from the '50s, '60s and on.
New Don Caballero interview circa 2006

I can't wait for the new Don Cab album! It's about friggin' time. Hopefully with the move to Relapse Records, the band and Damon himself will finally get the widespread recognition they deserve.

Here's an interview with Don Caballero drummer Damon Che, who discusses the band's upcoming new album.
Link: Don Caballero: New Faces Old Places

And here's a live version of "Sure We Had Knives Around" recorded live in Lawrence, KS in May 2004.
MP3: Don Caballero - "Sure We Had Knives Around"