Crap. Pink Floyd reunites again

Here's my assessment of the news that Pink Floyd is reuniting once again. This time it's to honor the group's late lead singer, Syd Barrett. Pink Floyd reunion: Not again!

I'm sure this article will piss off legions of Floyd fans just like my review of their 2005 reunion gig for Live 8 did. Live 8: Pink Floyd just too old
Review: Genetic Disorder #18

Thanks to Larry for sending the latest issue of Genetic Disorder. I met him 10 years ago when I was doing the zine thing with Yakuza. It's great to see some of the "old-school" zinesters still at it.

The new ish of Genetic Disorder features much of the stuff Larry loves to rave about including punk rock, the seedier side of San Diego's history, heavy drinking and a general love of irresponsibility and free living. Right on Larry!
VIDEO: News Bike Stunt

In the middle of an on air demonstration of how easy it is to steal a bike by two guys, one of them pretends to get too close to the saw and cut his hand.

The Fox News reporter doesn't find the stunt funny at all and completely loses her cool. What about the children???!!!

Ba ha ha ha! News bike stunt
Some punk crap that I wrote and some that I didn't

Here's a Genghis Tron Philly show preview

And here's a preview of The Adolescents' Philly show tonight

I heard The Dicks are also playing Philly tonight. Why aren't they on the bill with The Adolescents?!

Also check out the trailer for American Hardcore.

I really loved Barry Smith's piece, I remain totally punk rock.

Barry also has a cool blog you should check out called, Barry Smith Writes About Stuff
CD Review: Spoon - "Telephono/Soft Effects"

Here's my review of the recently reissued Spoon 2-CD set, "Telephono/Soft Effects" Spoon CD reissue hints at band’s early greatness
McG's crap on eBay

I'm selling some vinyl (and a few CDs) on eBay. Check out my list of crap here.

I'll have some more crap, including some of Kelly's clothes, on here in a couple of days (hopefully) ... not that Kelly's clothes are crappy ... wait ... nevermind.
Two years: Remembering Christopher Shea and Phil Healy

Someone reminded me the other day that it has been two years since Delaware musician Phil Healy and Del. State Trooper Christopher Shea were killed while Healy was driving drunk.

Here's a piece that I wrote shortly after the event - it seems like this was only yesterday ... Makes no sense
Review: Brightblack Morning Light s/t (2006, Matador)

Here's a review of Brightblack Morning Light's self-titled album on Matador Records that I wrote for Brightblack Morning Light’s gentle glow
Driving on heroin in Delaware

The fact that Delaware has a heroin problem on its hands isn't terribly surprising. What IS unusual is that in the latest wave of ODs, at least three of them occured while people were driving! New heroin overdoses sweep NCCo

"Witnesses saw a Chevrolet Blazer swerving side to side, striking the curb several times before hitting a tree in the 2100 block of W. Newport Pike. The male operator was found unconscious behind the wheel.
Canadian Idol: Boys are blah, girls are go

I know. Just what you wanted. More of my spiels on Canadian Idol. Well, here ya go.

-Canadian Idol: Only one guy shining
-Canadian Idol: Girls far superior

Keep in mind that I do this for work AND get paid to watch the show and write about it.
Two videos that always crack me up

I was talking about funny videos with my family at the dinner table over the weekend. Here are two videos that never fail to leave me laughing out loud.

1. This woman falls during a live news broadcast as she's demonstrating how NOT to stomp grapes.

2. This talking cat has a lot to say (with subtitles, begins at 0:50)