McG's jazz vinyl finds

It's been a good season for hunting for and finding jazz LPs. I'm slowly rebuilding portions of the collection I had to sell for cash several years back.

Anyway, last weekend I scored a crapload of great albums including several Blue Note and Impulse titles. Some were reissues (OK by me) and some were original pressings. Finds included:

Gene Ammons - "Up Tight!"
Thelonious Monk - "Monk's Blues"
Ahmad Jamal - "The Awakening"
Charlie Mingus - "Blues & Roots"
Hank Mobley - "Workout"
Grachan Moncur III - "Evolution"
Nina Simone - "Silk & Soul"
Miles Davis - "Kind of Blue"
Miles Davis - "Blue Haze"
Miles Davis - "In a Silent Way"
Miles Davis - "Porgy and Bess"
Sonny Rollins - "On Impulse!"
John Coltrane Quartet - "Ballads"
The Charles Lloyd Quartet - "Dream Weaver"
The Modern Jazz Quartet - "Odds Against Tomorrow (sdtrk)"

... and several more!

I have plans to hang out with my friend Dean this Sunday; we're gonna listen to some of these LPs as well as some Bud Powell LPs I picked up for a him - he's a huge Powell fan.

Tonight I showed him this video of Bud Powell playing "Get Happy" and he totally dug it.

I showed it to him on my iPod and he asked, "Where did you get this thing?" as he marveled what is a truly cool gadget.

I'm gonna show him this amazing video of Clifford Brown playing two songs with a brief interview on The Soupy Sales Show.

He's not even going to believe such a video exists!
'American Hardcore' coming to Theatre N?

I recently e-mailed the good folks at Theatre N and asked if they could line up a screening of the punk documentary 'American Hardcore.' Here's their response:

"[We've] put the request in for the film to our film distributor in New
York. They're going to check to see if we can do a special screening of
it- probably just one or two shows. We get a lot of films from Sony
Classics, so they may do it."

Hell yeah. Thanks Theatre N!
Farmer's Market finds

Didn't end up going to Dewey Beach for Greyhounds Reach the Beach due to weather and Kelly was sick.

I did pick up a few things at the Farmer's Market:

Kraftwerk - "Trans Europe Express" LP
Louis Armstrong - "Here's Louis Armstrong" LP
Donald Byrd & Pepper Adams - "Motor City" CD

All that for $5.00!

I got Crow's LP "Bloody Tear" in the mail today. Listening now. Some nice Japanese punk with mid-tempo thrashing and howling vocals. Many in MRR said this would be punk album of the year.

My bet for best punk LP this year would be Government Warning's "No Moderation." The drumming is just spectacular in its intensity and tightness.
Buy McG's IKEA Futon

Here's your chance to buy my IKEA futon.

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Talking about punk, hardcore

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