Beautiful day

The weather in Wilmington, Delaware was inexplicably beautiful today - 70 degrees and sunny.

Which is weird since it's January and Winter!

Hit the Farmer's Market this morning and found the following jazz LPs:

Miles Davis - On the Corner
Sonny Stitt - Sonny's Blues
Coleman Hawkins - The Hawk Swings
Eddie Harris - The Electrifying Eddie Harris

Spent the rest of the afternoon working on a Web site for a friend.

There's a microwave pizza with my name on it in the freezer.

Gonna watch a movie tonight with Kelly - probably "Children of Men."
McG's TV pick: Torchwood

I'm really digging the BBC's Torchwood.

The final episode aired this weekend. Right now I'm up to episode eight.

I usually am "feh" about science fiction shows, but this Doctor Who spinoff is really kickass.

The BBC America and/or SciFi channel will eventually get around to airing it here in the U.S...

Of course if you've seen Torchwood, you know I'm stating the obvious...