Emergency room visit

Spent the better part of last night at St. Francis' ER. Everyone and everything is fine.

They've totally re-done the place but that didn't stop someone from taking a massive diarrhea dump in the check-in area. Was made worse by someone spraying Lysol. Ew.

Worked early shift this a.m. and just listening to some records right now. Now playing: Death of Samantha - "Strungout on Jargon."

I love digging up old Homestead Records releases. I think that the bulk of the catalog is OOP makes the label's lore and legend that more alluring.

Or not.

New season of Doctor Who starts next week. And yes, that does make me happy. Still think Torchwood is better than the new Who, but I can do without the gay sci-fi angle.
Coasting along

Blatant plug:
Do you like Lindsey Buckingham and/or Fleetwood Mac? Check out this profile that my pal PB wrote up.
The essential works of Fleetwood Mac and Lindsey Buckingham

McG on TV:
American Idol crap:
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Top 5 reasons that girl was crying

Stephanie Edwards gone … so what?

More TV:
Here's my first ever recap of Dancing With the Stars

Got some really nice LPs from Tequila Sunrise this week including:
-Tracey Thorn's 1st solo LP
-Nick Drake "Made to Love Magic" LP
-LSD March "Empty Rubious Red" LP
-Tales from the Australian Underground Vol. 1 (2CDs)

I watched 'Driving Lessons' last night. Took a while to grow on me, but once it kicked in, I enjoyed it. Nice old lady/young kid film with coming of age twist.

My DVD of the week has to be 'Harsh Times,' a movie that SOOOOO kicked my ass. Christian Bale is one bad-ass mofo.
Weakend wrap up

This is some weekend I'm having. Fell asleep at 7:00 p.m. on Friday night.

Yesterday I saw my chiropractor/oesteopath and had work done on my sinuses, etc. He said my immune system was out of whack and my lymph nodes were swollen. No surprises there. I go back in two weeks.

Watched a semi-crappy movie last night, "It's All About Love" and just minutes before the end, the DVD crapped out and wouldn't play.

Reminds me of the time I saw "Sling Blade" in the theater and the projector bulb burned out five minutes before end of movie.

Then one of the movie "ushers" blurted out the ending, so no one would be wondering what happened.

Was watching "48 Hours" with Kelly last night and she fell asleep half way through. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...
More vinyl mayhem

Yesterday was a great day for flea marketing in March.

Hit the FM didn't find much - just two LPs by The Fugs on ESP Disk. The records will clean up OK with pass through the VPI record cleaning machine, but the jackets are severely damaged. Hard to pass up for a buck though.

Traded in some clutter from the attic over at Tequila Sunrise and was able to get Joy Division's Peel Sessions LP and the reissue of PIL's Metal Box.

While I was up that way in Philly, I went by the Record Exchange. Man, I remember when that store used to be great. I found a couple of things including Lee Morgan's "Caramba" and Sonny Stitt's "Stitt Plays Bird."

The Record Exchange is now full of CDs and while there is some interesting vinyl there, it's a fraction of what it used to be in terms of a decent record store.

I know, I'm getting all geeked up about record stores. What can I tell you?

Went to Siren Records in Doylestown to catch a live set by The Photon Band. My pal Pat Berkery was sitting in on drums with them. They played a decent batch of songs including a couple of new ones that were really hot.

By the way, in case you haven't heard, PB is now working with me once again. He's a content editor over at phillyBurbs.com. He sits a few desks away from me and yes, hilarity does ensue.

Found a few LPs at Siren as well. The Delgados' "Hate," Tortoise's "All Around You" and the Volcano Suns' "All Night Lotus Party."

The vinyl selection at Siren is fairly good. They had a lot of the contemporary punk stuff hyped by MRR (Government Warning, Feral Ward stuff, Career Suicide, Lemuria, etc.) and a few nice jazz lps.

Some of the prices on their rock stuff was hilarious though. $10 and $15 on some of the most common rock stuff you see at every flea market and garage sale. Still, it's worth a trip every now and then I suppose.