The definition of cute overload

Maui the dog

Here's a pic of Maui, who is a Yorkie Poo.

He's three months old and has already gone on his first pet therapy visit and did extremely well.

Maui is seen here learning to poop in the backyard.

My cousin Chris is famous

His name is Chris Neary and he's an independent producer over at Chicago Public Radio.

Today he's got an interesting piece on a small shop in Chicago’s Bronzeville neighborhood that makes custom prom dresses.

Listen to/Read 'Designing a Night to Remember' on CPR

Chris is actually trying to have a journalism career (unlike myself.)

My biggest claim to fame as a journalist is a dubious one: Writing about American Idol for

That said The Globe did quote one of my articles this year, so I must be doing SOMETHING right.

Anyway, enough about me - nice job Chris!

Dave and greyhound

Dave and greyhound
Originally uploaded by letitbe2000.

Me and a grey at the Spring Dewey Beach greyhound event.