Pagans piece in Plain Dealer

John Petkovic has a retrospective on Cleveland punkers, The Pagans in the Plain Dealer today.

Well done John!
It's official: Sinusitus, Bronchitis and Lameitis

Only 7:00 p.m. on a Friday night and I'm getting ready for bed.

Have to work early shift tomorrow (like 3:00 a.m.), so I'm having to bail on going to Mojo 13 to see Andy & Al Duvall, Tube Dutch, The Barons.

But planning on seeing the old Wilmington crew on Sunday at John and Brenda's.

I'm on a second round of antibiotics (Avelox) for sinusitus and bronchitis. The illness has been kickin my ass past two days.

Last year I took Ketek, which is pretty much off the market after several people had liver failure after taking it. Nice.
Like crap

Hit Cowtown this morning and found a bunch of vinyl including 1st press of Suicidal Tendencies' debut album.

Also found Horace Silver's 'Blowing the Blues Away,' Art Blakey's 'Ugetsu,' 1st Style Council album and some more crap that'll end up on eBay.

Speaking of crap, that's what I feel like right about now.

Having residual effects from sinus infection including chest congestion. I can't stop coughing. Getting on my own nerves.

Evil Sean Landers went to see Built to Spill tonight at Chameleon Club in Lancaster, PA. I had to pass as it's still not a smoke-free scene there.