I think I really like The Besnard Lakes

I've heard their song "Disaster" on Sirius 26 Left of Center several times now and each instance I think ... wow, that is _really_ exceptional.

They kinda remind me of Galaxie 500 as well as Damon and Naomi, Sigur Ros and The Beach Boys with perhaps even a hint of Spacemen 3 or Spiritualized.

I just ordered their album, "The Besnard Lakes are the Dark Horse" on vinyl.

Here's their intriguing video for the song "For Agent 13" ...

Of course, you will now check out The Besnard Lakes on MySpace
McG's Los Angeles pictures now online

Canters Los AngelesGot in from L.A. this morning around 8:00 a.m.

Crashed out for a bit, then promptly put pics from the L.A. trip on Flickr, because ... apparently I have no life.

Dave's Los Angeles pics, Sept. '07
McG checking in from San Pedro, California

Just finished up a two-day conference for work out in Santa Monica.

Had an afternoon to kill, so I jetted down to San Pedro.

No, not to chase the ghost of D. Boon or see where The Minutemen got their start.

OK, maybe the latter.

A kid wearing a faded Smiths t-shirt at Williams Book Store told me Pedro has been dead for a few years now.

They had a copy of the awesome zine The Rise and Fall of the Harbor Area, which was FREE! It's got a cover story on George Hurley no less.

I bopped across the street to Sacred Grounds coffee shop which is playing some really shitty smooth jazz right now.

BUT, they offer free wi-fi and I had a slice of lemon bundt cake that was all homemade moist and what not.

I'm sitting right where that P.A. speaker is in the picture above.

I see that Toys That Kill is playing in L.A. tomorrow.

Their latest record "Shanked" didn't knock my socks off the way "Control the Sun" did, but they definitely rock in a brilliant and awesome way.

Next time I fly out this way, I HAVE to be able to extend the trip so I can catch some of these west coast bands I really dig.

This California trip and the London vacation is taking back to the days of being on the road, seeking out the cool zine stores, record stores.

I love being able to go up to someone who looks like they know the scene well and being able to find out exactly where to go and what is happening.
Happy Birthday Nana B!

It's my grandmother's birthday today.

Unfortunately she's in the hospital dealing with some bronchitis (or possibly pneumonia).

But she is in good spirits and seems like she'll be on the mend shortly.

I spent some time with her yesterday in the ER and told her all about the London trip and held her hand.

It's a shame I couldn't bring some of the dogs to the hospital to visit with her.

Anyway, Happy Birthday Nana B!
Back stateside

Recovering from a hellish plane ride back from London on Friday.

Bags were delayed, but showed up at 12:30 a.m. last night.

Gonna grab some Indian food this afternoon, gather my thoughts and do some relaxing.

That's one thing I didn't get to do much in London: just chill out.

Lots and LOTS of walking, shopping and riding on Tube standing too close to other people.

Got lots of records, books and stuff.

I don't want to say 'I hope to write a tour diary" for fear that I won't get around to it, but I really do hope to do so in the next few days.

I'm headed out to Santa Monica, CA for work later next week.

London: Ready, set, go!

I get into London Saturday morning.

Time permitting, I may drop a few pics onto Flickr.

Or, I may be too busy enjoying a much-needed vacation!

I'm meeting up with Taylor Roark on Sunday. We've kept in touch ever since University of Delaware days.

He's going to spend all day showing us around markets, record stores, etc.

That night we're going to see Yo La Tengo score Jean Painlevé's legendary underwater films, live at the Royal Festival Hall.

Here's Yo La Tengo doing "The Summer" from my fave album of theirs, "Fakebook."

McG's movie pick: 'Mr. Brooks' surprisingly good thriller

In my list of top actors, Kevin Costner is somewhere near the bottom of the list, categorized with other actors I'm totally indifferent about.

Yet, I heard rave reviews for his performance in 'Mr. Brooks.'

Along with help from the masterful William Hurt, Costner carries the film, transforming a potentially awful premise for a film into a taught, supsense-filled flick.

Sure, actress Demi Moore brings absolutely nothing to the table and Dane Cook is like a third-generation clone of Mark Ruffalo.

But the supporting actors do just enough to get by, while Costner carries the whole film.

Usually a film such as 'Mr. Brooks' loses steam about 2/3 of the way through. Thanks to Costner and Hurt, the film manages to almost cross the finish line with integrity intact.
Going to see Emma Pollock in London

I'll be seeing Emma Pollock at a very special pre-record release party at The Social in London on Sept. 11!

Her very first solo album ever, 'Watch the Fireworks,' comes out on Sept. 17 on 4AD Records.

As you may know, Emma was previously in The Delagdos.

And of course, Emma Pollock is on MySpace

Here's the video for 'Adrenaline' from Emma's forthcoming record:

VIDEO: Flying dogs in slow motion

I really liked this video, although the techno music was a tad bit annoying.

Not sure what it's for, not sure that it matters.

Vitalic: Birds