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Just another Tuesday

Things I did today:

  • Played vinyl records including Stars of the Lid, The Smiths

  • Rode a simulated bicycling exercise machine at the YMCA

  • Talked to my mom

  • Talked to my grandmom

  • Talked to my sister

  • Drank a Rockstar energy drink

  • Drove two hours in my car

  • Cracked my back

  • Played fetch with the dogs

  • ... and a bunch of other stuff too.
    Year of the Dog: Sad, touching, depressing

    I watched "Year of the Dog" this weekend. It was very much like my friend said it was: depressing.

    Still, it's a worthwhile film and Molly Shannon is downright awesome in it.

    This is a movie for everyone who likes animals more than they do people.

    The trailer doesn't do the film justice, so here's a quick clip: