McG's Valentine's Day goes horribly wrong

You can read all about it here: What a crappy Valentine’s Day
Please consider sponsoring my stair climb tomorrow

50 flights of stairs in Philadelphia.

And I'll be walking up all of them tomorrow morning, to help raise money for the American Lung Association.

Would you consider sponsoring me?
Is it now OK to say see you next Tuesday?

Many people were shocked by Jane Fonda's use of the c-word on The Today Show (video).

Not me.

I'm all for making 'see you next Tuesday' a socially acceptable slang word.

After all, saying "f*** you" or "eat s*** and die" doesn't have the same gravitas it used to.

The more taboo the curse word, the more effective it is conveying our emotional, sexual and aggresive animal instincts.

For example, saying, "Oprah is a big fat c***," is far more effective than saying, "Oprah is a big fat jerk."

Cursing is a universal form of neuro-psycho-social communication that enables humans to express strong emotions verbally.

Everyone curses for f***'s sake!

I think Jane Fonda is awesome for letting everyone know that she's not afraid to say c***.

Even if she does live in Georgia, where apparently they've never heard of the FCC.

Sticks and stones may break your bones, but words like c*** will never hurt you.
They said I couldn't so it ...

But I'll be climbing 1,088 stairs (that's 50 stories) in Philadelphia to raise funds for lung disease cures this Saturday.

I've been going to the gym regularly, stepping all over the step machine and repeating the following to myself: "Left foot. Right foot. Left foot. Right foot..."

If you want, you can meet me at the top of the stairs and dump a big cooler of Gatorade on my head.

I'd appreciate any show of support for my big walk up a flight of corporate stairs in a downtown Philly building this Saturday.

For those of you who feel up to the challenge of sponsoring me, go here:

McG's 2008 Climb the Stairs fundraiser page