Dead Like Me movie trailer

I cannot wait for this movie!

Stereolab - Valley Hi!

Not sure if this an official video or not (methinks not), but I like it!

I'll be seeing them on my birthday in October.

San Diego recommendations

I'm headed off to San Diego in October to celebrate my 40th. Going to see Stereolab while I'm out there.

Looking for recommendations on:

-Record stores
-Local art galleries / local artists
-Good eats (cheap/hole in the wall)
-Good eats (swanky)
-Best non-touristy thing to do

Thanks to Doug B. who already sent me some info on record stores.

Don Caballero - Punkgasm

Don Caballero - Punkgasm
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Green & white vinyl. 2LPs at 45 rpm. Sounds great!

I won't ruin the "surprise" of this album.

I predict this will be the Don Cab album that everyone loves to hate.

The drums sound awesome. Deep and way booming.

I dig it!

Brace with John Stabb (Government Issue)

Performing "Plain to See." John Stabb is the man!!!

Government Warning - "No Moderation" at No Way Fest 2008

Awesome frenzy of stage diving for first minute!

Music is the last refuge of the nihilist

"I think music is the last refuge of the nihilist. For some inexplicable reason, it makes even the most cynical people somewhat happy, and they can't figure it out."
-Curt Kirkwood, Meat Puppets

Happy B-day Adam!

Happy B-day Adam!
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