Philly Stair Climb '09 recap

Thanks to everyone who sponsored me and sent their well wishes as I climbed 50 floors (1,088 steps) in yesterday's Philly Stair Climb!

Breathe for Becky: Climb the Tower '09 flickr set (83 pics, 20 videos)

50 floors up: At the top of Bell Atlantic Tower (video) - This gives you an idea of what it was like at the top - over 400 climbers right after they walked up 50 flights of stairs

Mayor Michael Nutter: Climb the Tower 2009 speech (video)

Jen Katz: Climb the Tower 2009 speech (video) - My team captain speaks! She was the TOP fundraiser this year!


-I made it up all 50 floors in 19 mins, 12 secs (that's 6+ mins faster than last year)

-I did not pass out, vomit, or even lose my breath. In fact, I felt really good! Training paid off.

-My legs are very sore today! LOL.

-I surpassed my fund raising goal of $1,100.00

-I was the 3rd top fund raiser out of 400+ climbers

-My team Breathe for Becky was 2nd place in fund raising overall, raising nearly $4,000.00

-I couldn't have been this successful without all my friends, family and sponsors

Let me thank you one more time ...

Thanks, thanks, thanks for your support. You helped me exceed expectations in fund raising and helped me climb up 50 flights of stairs.

Dave and Team Breathe for Becky,

P.S. Here is the complete list my sponsors as of today:

Abernathy, Rebecca
Ardis, Bonnie
Astrero, Mary Ann
Bateman, Kelly
Bensel, Eric
Bolin, Louise
Bozzo, Thomas
Burgess, Heather
Burke, Melissa
Childers, Oakland
Colancecco, Patrice
Davies, Evan
Dickerson, Robert
Engle, Morgan
Erdody, Mark
Fontalbert, Lisa
Harbin, Lisa
Hart, Yvette
Hendrix, Les
Herdan, Allison
Hillyard, Audrey
Jaffe, Michele
Landers, Sean
Leal, Carolyn
Lenert, Michael
Levine, Adam & Logan
Lynch, Ingrid
Lyons, Jeffrey
Mack, Donna
Mah, Marsha
Mccabe, Katie
Mcgurgan, Anne
Mercer, Mark
Moss, Maureen & Tony
Obrien, Joe
Oliver, Jonathan
Patel, Shashikant
Peregoy, Bill
Roark, Taylor
Rohana, Meridith
Ruckelshaus, Jill
Stevens, Shannon
Sybert, John
Terry, Kirsten
Thompson, Thom
Tomko, David
Woolworth, Carol
Yokimcus, Deana

McG Stair Climb prep, last minute sponsors welcome

I trained hard this past weekend for Philly Stair Climb, which is Saturday March 21.

I'll be climbing 50 floors (that's 1,088 steps) to help raise money for the American Lung Association.

There's still time to sponsor me if you haven't already.

Thanks to everyone who has sponsored me so far!

That's Katie, Bill, Mike, Yvette, Maureen, Sean, Kelly, Tom, Evan, Lisa F., Lisa H., Allison, Audrey, Michele, Carolyn, Donna, Joe, Jon, Jill and Kirsten.

You can see the latest total you've help me raise for American Lung Association here:

The weekend workout:

Friday and Saturday I did 123 floors total. On Sunday I really pushed it to see how far I could go. I did 146 floors!

When I do the climb this weekend, I'll only be doing 50 floors ... but as much training on a stair machine I do, there is no equivalent to walking up flight after flight of stairs.

Thanks again to everyone for their support! It is truly appreciated.

Maui vs junk mail

Maui vs junk mail, originally uploaded by letitbe2000.

Philly Stair Climb training recap

Thanks to everyone who has sponsored me so far in the Philadelphia Climb the Tower fundraiser:

Sean, Kelly, Tom, Evan, Lisa F., Lisa H., Allison, Audrey, Michele, Carolyn, Donna, Joe, Jon, Jill and Kirsten.

You've helped me raise over $300 for the American Lung Association!

Check out my page for the latest on how much I've raised:

McG's official Philly Stair Climb page

I did 105 floors on the stair machine at the YMCA last night.

Progressively increasing stamina for the stair climb -- it's in a week and a half.

I'll be posting pictures and video from the event here on facebook and on my team's page,

Money raised through the Philadelphia Climb the Tower event will help give hope to people living with asthma, emphysema, lung cancer and other lung diseases through community programs and research on lung disease.

The ALA confronts lung disease at the root level, educating kids about the dangers of smoking, playing an integral role shaping smoke- free legislation and even working to reduce air pollution.

Augie visits with his mom, Daphne