I got this: The Jesus Lizard - Inch

The Jesus Lizard - Inch

And it's awesome!

Stereolab's 'hiatus' announcement

Was listening to Stereolab's most recent 'Chemical Chords' and it got me wondering what the band was up to at the moment.

Found their announcement that Stereolab is on hiatus. Nooooooooo!!!

Their site
says they're working on yet another 'Switched On' comp of singles.

There's also talk of remastering the back catalog. I can only hope that some vinyl reissues will be part of that ... I have some gaps to fill in my collection.

Bummer since I had tickets to see their last show in U.S. in Solana Beach, CA in fall 2008, but had to cancel my vacation due to $$$ issues.

By my calculation that would have been the last U.S. show before the hiatus.

Henry Rollins at the Grand Opera House, Wilmington, Delaware Sunday June 7

Tickets on sale now.