The Stiffs 2009 photo shoot

Here are a few promo pics The Stiffs took at a recent rehearsal for the reunion show. We are playing Saturday, Sept. 5 in Wilmington DE at the Punk for Change 2009 show.

It's $10 at the door and benefits Faithful Friends, the animal rescue me, my wife and my dogs do pet therapy through.

-Photos by Tim Owen. Editing by Kelly Carter.

Michael Vick - Philadelphia Eagles union has changed my work world

The signing of Michael Vick to the Philadelphia Eagles changed my work life for the next six months. Coverage of the Eagles has taken on an entirely new importance because of Vick's presence.

I spent a good part of the day reading up on the latest Vick happenings. Here's what I wrote about today:

Michael Vick talks with no emotion (video) - The conspicuous absence of any recognizable signs of remorse are troubling.

Ways you can sound off about Michael Vick
- Constructive methods to voice dissent over the Eagles-Vick union and how to help your local animal shelter.

Michael Vick Bytes for August 26: Pro Vick rally, $1.3M house purchase? Philly dog fighters get light sentences.

Man at Brew Ha Ha shows his junk to female workers (That's Nuts dept.)


While dressed in spandex bicycle shorts, police said a spandex clad man would ask female workers at Branmar Plaza's Brew Ha Ha how he looked.

During one incident, he allegedly exited the restroom with a hole in his shorts, exposing his genitalia. He was arrested on charges of harassment, lewdness and indecent exposure.

Police said the man was arrested in April 2009 for similar offenses.

Forgotten Cats fundraiser Wednesday, August 26 @ Grotto Pizza

Forgotten Cats, a cat and kitten adoption and re-release program in Delaware is doing a community night fundraiser this Wednesday at all New Castle County Grotto Pizza locations.

Just print out this voucher and present when you order (dine-in and take-out only) and Grotto will donate 20% of your total bill to Forgotten Cats. Event takes place from 4:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., August 26, 2009 only.

Animal cruelty on Family Guy

Prime Time Emmys are Sept. 20th and here Stewie and Brian have a "little talk" about who Brian is voting for.

I can laugh at this because it's parody and not real ... unlike some other instances of animal cruelty. (Be warned: Silly and graphic cartoon violence.)

Please adopt these dogs

They might need a wee bit of training.

No, they do not want some cheese.

Stiffs 2nd reunion show likely Thanksgiving weekend; Your Worst Nightmare songs

The Stiffs are working on a lining up a second reunion show for Thanksgiving weekend in Delaware.

It's very likely to happen at this point -- Saturday, November 28, 2009.

More details as they are confirmed.

In other reunion news, The Stiffs have been playing a few Your Worst Nightmare songs at rehearsals.

Looks like we'll play a few at the reunion show(s). You can listen to a few of them on The Stiffs MySpace page.

As you may know, Rick, Rich and Kurt were in the original line up of YWN.

I was inspired to learn how to play drums after seeing them play. Their intense energy and unbridled enthusiasm really opened my mind to what was possible playing punk rock.

When YWN's original drummer Schleppy moved away, I ended up becoming drummer in the second lineup of YWN.

It's great to play these songs nearly 25 years after the fact. They are some of the very first songs I heard that inspired me to start playing music.

Joe Jack Talcum Philly show; Twin Atlas video

Been writing about music again lately for work, namely for Philly Edge. Few things I've written recently:

Joe Jack Talcum, Mischief Brew @ The Fire, Friday August 7 - Old school DIY rock and roll will never die. Especially in Philadelphia.

McG's pick: The Twin Atlas - Double Shot - Philly lite-psych popsters The Twin Atlas are at it again. Here's their aesthetically pleasing video for the new song, "Double Shot."

Old school slam dancing

I believe this is from "Another State of Mind," which would make this footage from early '80s.

The song is "Violence" by Youth Brigade.