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Innarticulate book review: Quality Workday Distractions

Quality Workday Distractions Quality Workday Distractions by Jeff Lyons

My rating: 3 of 5 stars
I'm quoted on the back of the book, so I certainly should have mustered more than three stars. However, "liked it" in this instance means that I very much appreciated the sharp wit and brief length of stories, articles and bits. This is a great bathroom companion reader, one that you can pick up, put down and get a chuckle as you do your business. And with my limited attention span and inability to sit still and read for even a moderate amount of time, I can truly appreciate the art of brevity. More than once I found myself thinking, I wish I had thought of that joke, which is a high complement coming from this curmudgeon of comedy.

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The Stiffs - Reunion Show full set (video)

Here's the full set from The Stiffs reunion show, Sept. 5, 2009 in Wilmington, DE.

In video #3 you will see some unruly slamdancers knock the camera out the videographer's hand.

I'm bored: Let me watch more Stiffs reunion video

Big news in Wilmington: Kahunaville volcano torn down (video)

Guy operating wrecking machine looks as if he's torn down 1000's of volcanoes.

Bonus: Not-so-successful "Bring back Kahunaville" Facebook group

Faith or Fear bassist C.J. Jenkins dies of heart attack on stage

From "On a warm, late-summer afternoon, Clarence "C.J." Jenkins III thrashed away on his bass while playing with his band, Faith or Fear, at the city's Arts, Music and Antiques Festival.

Neither Jenkins' band mates, nor the 100 or so people headbanging to the band's music Sunday afternoon at the outdoor festival knew at the time they were witnessing his last performance.

Jenkins, 50, collapsed around 2:45 p.m. as the popular local thrash-metal band performed under a tent on High Street, said the band's guitarist, Chris Bombeke."

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-Screen caps of article: Page 1, Page 2
-Faith or Fear official site

Dogs welcome home soldier

After 14 months in Iraq, soldier is greeted by his dogs.

The Stiffs - Reunion show video

Video from The Stiffs' reunion show
Sept. 5, 2009, Wilmington, DE
The Spot, Punk for Change 2009

"The Creeps"

Your Worst Nightmare covers:
"War Mad World," "11:55"

Punk for Change 2009: Where to grab a bite to eat/drink

There are several places to go to grab a bite to eat or something to drink that are nearby The Spot. If you are looking for a place to eat, your best bet is to either hit Presto or Wash St. Alehouse, venture into Trolley Square or head up to Concord Pike, where there are tons of fast food and restaurants.

Here are a few of my faves:

Downtown Wilmington:

Presto - Nice gourmet-type cafe with sandwiches, tapas, fruit shakes, coffee and fresh baked pastries. Relaxed environment w/ free wi-fi. They won't kick you out if you want to hang for a while. Next to Washington Street Alehouse, 1206 N Washington St., Wilmington.

Washington Street Ale House - Decent size bar with tons of TV, plus nice seated area. Food is pretty good for bar food, not stellar, but gets job done. Go here if you want to hang and drink. 1206 N. Washintgon St., Wilmington.

- My least favorite of the trio of joints on Wash. St. Upscale sushi bar. Play bad techno music. Pricey. But if you are in mood for fresh sushi or seafood and you have some $$$ to plunk down, go for it. 1206 N. Washington St. Wilmington.

Tijuana Taco Shop - This is THE BEST mexican joint in town. Inexpensive, ultra fresh and super good. They have Twin Lakes Local 52 on tap, which is a great local brew. 1815 Lancaster Ave., Wilmington.

Logan House - Local bar that you can hang out at, get drunk and no one will get mad at you. 1701 Delaware Ave., Wilmington.

On 202 (Concord Pike):

Lucky's Coffee Shop - Retro-y kind of diner joint at former site of Ranch House on 202. Very good food, reasonably priced. Scraggly/hipster wait service. Fun place to go, kid friendly. 4003 Concord Pike, Wilmington.

Charcoal Pit - The best place for a 202 Wilmington hang. Killer triple thick milkshakes, char-burgers, char-dogs and fries. Go for ambiance and true N. Wilmington experience as much as the food. This is where all the DE punks used to hang out in the '80s. 2600 concord pike, Wilmington.

Five Guys - Also on 202, better burger than Charcoal Pit, but also way greasier. Fries are really good too. Be warned: A regular burger is actually two patties! I go for the mini-burger, which is only one. 2217 Concord Pike, Wilmington.

La Tolteca - Authentic Mexican joint. Food usually comes out fast, hot and fresh. You can get some decent margaritas here. 2209 Concord Pike, Wilmintgon.

Grotto Pizza - There's a Grotto on Pennsylvania avenue that has a full bar. People go there to watch games a lot, so be warned if you want to get your drink on, but are annoyed by drunken sports fans. And of course, the greasy ass pizza is good every once in a blue moon. 1819 Pennsylvania Ave., Wilmington.


Kreston Liquors - This is probably closest booze store in neighborhood that is reputable (i.e., you won't have to order/pay through a revolving bullet proof window). They close at 9:00 p.m. on Saturday evening. 904 Concord Ave.

Frank's Union Wine Mart - 1206 N. Union St. - Another non-sketchy booze store. Next to where Union Station was a million years ago. 1206 N. Union St., Wilmington.

There are also many shops on Market street heading out of the city (street numbers going up). I can't really recommend any of them.

Awesome dog plays pool

130 cat most pit

Reminds me of the mayhem of punk rock shows in early '80s.