Bill of Buffalo Tom on Prince guitar solo: It destroys

Un-pretentious break down of Prince's guitar solo on "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" at Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction. Written by Bill Janovitz of Buffalo Tom fame.

Cover of the Week: While My Guitar Gently Weeps

BTW, I LOVE Buffalo Tom's cover of "Butterflies" on the Mark Mulcahy tribute album.

New Princess Superstar single: Life is but a Dream

Awesome! There's a limited edition 7" (500 copies) that I think I will definitely be picking up. Plus new Princess Superstar LP in 2010. Spiffy!

The Stiffs reunion: Glad it happened

The Stiffs

When I was approached this summer by Scott Wasserman to see if The Stiffs would reform for a benefit show, I had a feeling it would turn out well.

Once every few years I'd listen back to The Stiffs' demo tape, "Dance of the Dead," and imagine what it would be like if we got back together. It turns out that all it took to make that happen was for someone to ask!

Everyone was keen on the idea and starting with the very first rehearsal back in July 2009, it has been an awesome journey.

The reunion for Rich, Rick, Kurt and myself hasn't really been about nostalgia or a walk down memory lane. It's been more about reconnecting on the bond we all shared playing punk rock as kids and growing up the punk scene as it evolved.

The reunion has been a great reminder of just how much fun it was to start your own band, write your own songs, make fliers and play out to your friends. It also made us all realize just how supportive a scene can be with long lost friends, fans and diehard scenesters coming out again to show their support for the Stiffs reunion.

Perhaps the most gratifying thing about The Stiffs reunion is not that people still remember us, but that people will still go out of their way to support their friends in their endeavors, no matter what they are. It is awesome to know that so many of the people we grew up with and played music with and for still have that punk rock spirit inside them.

How to be a deathcore vocalist

Brett Erlich of Current TV and The Rotten Tomatoes show gives his guide on how to be a deathcore vocalist.

Fatal shooting at Wilmington, DE liquor store

Update Jan. 8, 2010: Three suspects arrested.

From "A liquor store clerk shot and killed a suspected robber overnight in Wilmington, police said. Up to three men wearing masks entered the Favors Liquor Store on Walnut Street around 9:30 p.m. Guns were allegedly pointed at the clerk inside, and money was demanded.

Police said the 55-year-old clerk soon pulled out his own gun and started shooting. One suspect was hit, dropped his .22-caliber gun, stumbled 40 feet outside of the store and died. Police don't know if the clerk's gunfire might have struck the other hold-up men, who fled."

Records that influenced my drumming

Some of the key albums that I was listening to that influenced my style as a drummer.

In short, I listened to these records, mimicked what I heard and I became a drummer.

Check it out: Drumming influences: Flickr gallery

Remembering the drumming style of Jerry Fuchs

This article originally appeared on

Few drummers can truly make a drum kit come to life and play the instrument the way it was meant to be played; Jerry Fuchs was one of those drummers.

Fuchs' style was reminiscent of the stripped down and driving beats of Led Zeppelin's John Bonham. Both drummers placed little value on flash, instead focusing on developing rock solid beats that propelled songs forward with definitive force. Fuchs used the high hat and snare drum to place subtle notes of emphasis within a song, a technique that most drummers (experienced and inexperienced) simply overlook. Fuchs had an uncanny dexterity with the kick drum that was certainly advanced, if not aerobic.

Watching Fuchs play, it was clear he had an inherent sense of rhythm. By all appearances steady tempos seemed to flow effortlessly from him as he played. But Fuchs' makes-it-look-easy style was clearly the sign of an accomplished musician who had spent years practicing and evolving as a musician to develop such a rock solid style. Fuchs' simplistic yet powerful style enabled him to play many types of music. Whether a song called for complex time signatures or a minimalistic elementary beat, or both, Fuchs had no problem playing with exacting precision.

In the indie rock scene, Fuchs was a well respected musician noted for his friendly interaction with fans and other like-minded musicians. Simply put, Jerry Fuchs was one of the best drummers to come along in indie rock in recent years. While the world at large will never know Fuchs' work, those fortunate to have heard and seen his work with The Martians, Koncak, Vineland, Turing Machine, !!!, The Juan Maclean, Maserati, et al. will vouch for his greatness. And rightly so.

Adam skateboarding

Mike and Dennis sound check

From Landsdowne Farmer's Market, Halloween 2009.

Just a quick 10 second clip ...

For all things Caterpillar ...

Devo "Jocko Homo" on SNL 1978

This is easily my favorite live Devo performance. The mid-song costume change is just too awesome for words.

Link: DEVO - Jocko Homo live on SNL 1978