John Lennon "Happy Xmas (War is Over)"

State of Delaware doesn't have enough money to clean up snow

Hope it doesn't snow anymore this season!

"As Delaware digs out of about a foot and a half of snow, state officials realized Monday they don't have enough money budgeted to pay for the cleanup.

The state has $3.2 million in its snow removal account. But it costs between $3.5 million and $4 million for every 8 inches of snow that falls, Delaware Department of Transportation Secretary Carolann Wicks said."

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Public Image Ltd. "Public Image" reunion Dec. 15, 2009, Birmingham

I have few heroes. John Lydon is one of them.

Big Black ... with live drummer 1986

From CBGB, 1986, with Peter Prescott (Mission of Burma, Volcano Suns) on drums (!)

Henry Rollins discusses Christmas spending

'Tis the season. Spend. Spend. Spend.

VIDEO: Whistling puppy

Passed along to me by Marci.

Maui staring and barking

This pretty much sums up Maui at his best.

First he stares you down. When that doesn't work, he starts barking.

And won't stop until he has your attention.

Jawbox "Savory" on Jimmy Fallon

Here is Jawbox's reunion performance of "Savory" on Jimmy Fallon. I gotta say this is a really strong effort. They definitely picked the right song and their energy is awesome.

Cool to see a punk rock band get some mainstream props without it being a cheesy cash-in or going-through-the-motions affair. They did this to promote the reissue of "For Your Own Special Sweetheart."

These subsequent Web-only exclusive performances (from the rehearsal I believe?) are a little less powerful, but still quite good.



Henry Rollins on working out to Slayer

Good to know I am not the only one who listens to Slayer in the gym.

Caterpillar - "Wake Up, Pass Out"

Here is Caterpillar performing "Wake Up, Pass Out" @ Mojo 13, Wilmington, DE, November 28, 2009.

New Elizabeth Fraser (Cocteau Twins) single

Elizabeth Fraser on failed Cocteau Twins reunion and more.