Come reunion: TT the Bear's 2010

New Beatles post-breakup pictures surface

Patti Daley makes her private pics of The Fab Four and other rockstars public.

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Husker Du - New Day Rising cassette

I remember Kurt Beers picked me up to go see a show, circa 1985, and he was playing this cassette in his car.

HUSKER DU New Day Rising

The Spinto Band "Oh Mandy" video

Animated video for "Oh Mandy" by The Spinto Band.
Produced by Waverly Films. Directed by Jon Watts.

McG's stamp of approval: A Small Act

Proof that giving back to your community can make a difference. Even if the gesture you make is a small one.

Oil spill: That Was Then, This is Now

Modern man

PJ Harvey and John Parish "Black Hearted Love" on Letterman

This song is so good, the performance is amazingly good.

Maui watches monkeys on TV

Public Image Ltd. - Atlantic City, NJ 2010

Here are my pics from PIL show in Atlantic City, NJ. Only took a few because I was enjoying the show so much.

Public Image Ltd.

Public Image Ltd.

Public Image Ltd.

Public Image Ltd.

Public Image Ltd.

Public Image Ltd.

Public Image Ltd.

Public Image Ltd.

Privacy on social media: It's really about control

What backlash? Facebook is growing like mad
When we discuss privacy, what we're really talking about is control over our personal data. This becomes increasingly important as new technology enables us to share more and more of it. We want to be able to restrict certain types of information to certain people.

Review: Engage Your Brand

Engage Your Brand Engage Your Brand by Lee Mikles

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
This book presents sound ideas and strategies about businesses using social media to connect with and engage its customers. Some real life examples from The Archer Group are included here. Also some examples of how _not_ to use social media. Concise, clear presentation and written from point of authority without being arrogant or overly-complicated. Most of the practices and philosophies I was already familiar with. This book served mostly as reinforcement of what I've learned in my own social media marketing practices.

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Schnauzer father and son

The big dog reminds me of my mom's dog Maxx. The little one reminds me of Maui.

R5 Productions iPhone app = very cool

If you go to indie/alternative/punk shows in Philly and are iPhone enabled, you need this app.

Off! profile in LA Weekly

"I think he's so excited because this takes him back to something that really means something."

-Keith Morris, Off! singer, on Raymond Pettibon's involvement in creating art for the band's music.

Carlton Melton, Philadelphia, PA, April 29, 2010

And Caterpillar gets ready to take the stage and transformer blows outside, ending gig abruptly before they even get to play note.

Fire strikes Jimmy John's on 70th Anniversary

"It looks to me like the building's a total loss"

Heartbreaking: Jimmy John's on fire

Video of Jimmy John's fire shows extent of damage

Fire reported at Jimmy John's eatery - Heavy damage to the exterior and roof of the building is reported.

Jimmy John’s West Chester, PA Burns on 70th Birthday :-(


Preview of Jimmy John's 70th Anniversary celebration: Jimmy John's owner Roger Steward explains what makes their pipin' hot sandwiches so special

Jimmy John's Pipin' Hot Sandwiches on Facebook

Jimmy John's Pipin' Hot Sandwiches on Twitter Jimmy John’s Pipin’ Hot Hot Dogs (2009)

What else are we going to call it?

OK, so like there's no way we're not going to call it that.

Sonny Stitt s/t (Roost Records) LP

Sonny Stitt LP
Sonny Stitt (Roost Records). Found this at Farmer's Market for $1.00. Vinyl a little beat up, but cleaned it with VPN record cleaning machine and it sounds great, despite the crackle.

Ramones Mania (Record Store Day 2010 edition)

Gabba Gabba Hey!

Ramones Mania (Record Store Day 2010 edition)

George Carlin on saving the planet

Earth Day reflections from George Carlin.

Public Image Ltd. - "Public Image" and "Rise" @ Coachella 2010

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Even more ...

Girl on medication at dentist

"I feel like a unicorn just to me on a ride to a magical palace".

My fave part is at 1:45 when mom asks, "Are you OK?" and the girl responds, "Are YOU OK?"

Screamers "Magazine Love" b/w "Cholo Jump" 7"

Screamers - Magazine Love / Cholo Jump 7"

Both tracks live at the Whiskey, LA, 9-14-78, released by Meeuw Records MM024, red vinyl, 400 copies, 2003.

Dog and baby deer fight over ball

More Off! footage from SXSW 2010

Off! @ SXSW 2010

Argh. Obviously shot with iPhone b/c of the bass overdrive. Can't wait for proper video and recordings of this band. Keith Morris is the man.

Drummer I like: John Stanier

Here is John Stanier (Battles, Helmet) with Prefuse 73 on the track "Smoking Red" from the "Class of 73 Bells" EP.

Thing that should not be: Marmaduke trailer

See if you can figure out what's wrong with this trailer. (Hint: Everything).

OFF! - "I Don't Belong"

Keith Morris - vocals
Dimitri Coats - guitar
Steven McDonald - bass
Mario Rubalcaba - drums

Public Image Ltd. "Public Image" (soundcheck) 1982, NYC

TV report from September 1982 of Public Image Ltd.'s performance in New York City at the Roseland Ballroom. With soundcheck of "Public Image" and witty commentary by reporter.

Maui barks at TV: Monkeys

Trying to watch a documentary on monkeys. Maui is not digging it at all.

Simon & Garfunkel - "The Sounds of Silence" 45 Hot Mono Mix

"You are hearing a combination of two things:
1.) The source is vinyl, which was from an analog master tape - not an MP3, or anything digital.

2.) The mix is very different on the original 45 RPM vinyl record, that for reasons unknown, is not available today on any format - CD, MP3, whatever. Only by going back to the original 45 do you hear this MUCH better version of this great song!"

KeN - "Happy Suicide"

The band's name is KeN and it features Kristin Thomson (formerly of Tsunami, Simple Machines co-founder). Their official site:

Miniature Schnauzer puppy

Miniature Schnauzer puppy

How to skip through annoying DVD trailers

Usually hitting menu will let you skip through the trailers and get to the movies.

But some DVDs are programmed to prevent you from skipping through them. Here's an easy workaround to bypass that problem.

Retro commercial: Hanker for a hunk of cheese



Mission of Burma - "This is Not a Photograph" (1980)

From 1980.

Bud Powell - "This Was Bud Powell" LP

Found this at the Farmer's Market today for $2.00. Thanks to my friend Dean Jenkins (RIP) who encouraged me to take a second listen to this pianist, which led to a full-blown appreciation of BP. Whenever I listen to BP, I always think of Dean.

Bud Powell - This Was Bud Powell LP

Dogs catching treats in slow motion

Thanks to Mashable for the tip.

Batz Without Flesh - "Futureshock"

Meat Puppets - "In a Car" 7"

The debut release by Meat Puppets. One of the craziest sounding punk rock/non-punk rock records I have ever heard. It's a bewildering, chaotic and over-the-top recording to say the least. If you have never heard this record, check it out. You may be surprised how out there and 'core Meat Puppets were in their infancy. I still love the way this record pummels.

Meat Puppets Pictures, Images and Photos

Maui the dog and his favorite toys

Here's Maui with some of his favorite toys.

Maui and Spongebob Squarepants

Maui and Dr. Seuss toy #2

Maui and frog

Maui and platypus

Maui and monkey

Maui and monkey

Maui and red lobster

Maui and Dr. Seuss toy

More Maui the dog pics on flickr

Biz Markie - Bennie and the Jets (live on The Chris Rock Show)


This is my sister's dog. Adopted from a lab rescue in VA.


Augie does pet therapy for Valentine's Day

Augie went to do some Valentine's pet therapy at Hillside Center.

Here he is on the way home from an awesome visit. He made many new friends, got a lot of pets and hugs and loved every minute of it.

Augie after doing pet therapy

Augie at door

Augie at door

PHOTO: Rite Aid roof collapse at F&N Shopping Center, Delaware

Photo by Louise Bolin.

Rite Aid roof collapse at Naaman's Plaza, Wilmington, DE Roof of Rite Aid store collapses in Claymont Roof collapse at F&N Shopping Center

Clucking Bunny vs. Augie

Kelly controls the clucking bunny while trying to antagonize Augie. It makes Kitty run away and clearly, Augie is not amused.

TIP: Turn up the volume a little to hear Augie's reaction.

David Yow documentary: I'd Rather Be Anywhere Else

Be sure to watch the bonus (Jesus Lizard - "Seasick")

Buzzcocks play "Love You More" on cramped balcony in Dublin, Ireland

From 2009:

Crisis of Conformity reunion: SNL skit

Fist fight in the parking lot!

With nod to Suicidal Tendencies (breakdown part) and Black Flag (Cadena wedding?)

Joe Biden reviews "Avatar"

Shame on Andrea Mitchell for asking the VP on what movies he's seen recently.

Um ... er ... um ... uh ...

The meaning of life = Finding a place for your stuff

Kelly and I watched this the other night and we were laughing a lot.

As told by George Carlin. From his 1986 appearance on Comic Relief.

(Contains brief NSFW language.)

Smiling dog

It's real!

Mogwai - "Burning" teaser clip

Head over to for a free MP3 of "2 Rights Make 1 Wrong."

Shellac drummer Todd Trainer and his excellent Italian greyhound

Goodness starts at 2:40.

Bad Brains - "Banned in DC / How Low Can a Punk Get?" CBGB 1982

The energy here is amazing ...

Rollins Band "Liar" (Beavis and Butthead)

Nirvana "Heart Shaped Box" instrumental

Nirvana "In Bloom" deconstructed by Butch Vig

Golden retriever watches whistling puppy video

What happens when golden retriever watches this video.

Carlton Melton - Live on KFJC Jan. 14, 2010

Here are the boys doing their thing live on the air on legendary station, KFJC.

Carlton Melton - Live on KJFC

Cool: Projections on buildings

Fake or real, it's nice eye candy.

Oxes - "Boss Kitty" (2004)

Had the fortune of seeing this band live twice, once at Michigan Fest (?) and the other time in Philly when they opened for Wire.

Here they are performing "Boss Kitty" in October 2004. I absolutely love the drumbeat on this song. Could never quite figure out how the drummer did it and replicate it myself. (Obviously I need to try harder!)

Carlton Melton - "When You're In" (Pink Floyd cover)

Here is Carlton Melton jamming on "When You're In" at Hemlock Tavern in SF, CA on January 6, 2010.

The band features Andy Duvall and Rich Millman, both formerly of Zen Guerrilla.

Carlton Melton official site.