Mogwai - "Burning" teaser clip

Head over to for a free MP3 of "2 Rights Make 1 Wrong."

Shellac drummer Todd Trainer and his excellent Italian greyhound

Goodness starts at 2:40.

Bad Brains - "Banned in DC / How Low Can a Punk Get?" CBGB 1982

The energy here is amazing ...

Rollins Band "Liar" (Beavis and Butthead)

Nirvana "Heart Shaped Box" instrumental

Nirvana "In Bloom" deconstructed by Butch Vig

Golden retriever watches whistling puppy video

What happens when golden retriever watches this video.

Carlton Melton - Live on KFJC Jan. 14, 2010

Here are the boys doing their thing live on the air on legendary station, KFJC.

Carlton Melton - Live on KJFC

Cool: Projections on buildings

Fake or real, it's nice eye candy.

Oxes - "Boss Kitty" (2004)

Had the fortune of seeing this band live twice, once at Michigan Fest (?) and the other time in Philly when they opened for Wire.

Here they are performing "Boss Kitty" in October 2004. I absolutely love the drumbeat on this song. Could never quite figure out how the drummer did it and replicate it myself. (Obviously I need to try harder!)

Carlton Melton - "When You're In" (Pink Floyd cover)

Here is Carlton Melton jamming on "When You're In" at Hemlock Tavern in SF, CA on January 6, 2010.

The band features Andy Duvall and Rich Millman, both formerly of Zen Guerrilla.

Carlton Melton official site.