Batz Without Flesh - "Futureshock"

Meat Puppets - "In a Car" 7"

The debut release by Meat Puppets. One of the craziest sounding punk rock/non-punk rock records I have ever heard. It's a bewildering, chaotic and over-the-top recording to say the least. If you have never heard this record, check it out. You may be surprised how out there and 'core Meat Puppets were in their infancy. I still love the way this record pummels.

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Maui the dog and his favorite toys

Here's Maui with some of his favorite toys.

Maui and Spongebob Squarepants

Maui and Dr. Seuss toy #2

Maui and frog

Maui and platypus

Maui and monkey

Maui and monkey

Maui and red lobster

Maui and Dr. Seuss toy

More Maui the dog pics on flickr

Biz Markie - Bennie and the Jets (live on The Chris Rock Show)


This is my sister's dog. Adopted from a lab rescue in VA.


Augie does pet therapy for Valentine's Day

Augie went to do some Valentine's pet therapy at Hillside Center.

Here he is on the way home from an awesome visit. He made many new friends, got a lot of pets and hugs and loved every minute of it.

Augie after doing pet therapy

Augie at door

Augie at door

PHOTO: Rite Aid roof collapse at F&N Shopping Center, Delaware

Photo by Louise Bolin.

Rite Aid roof collapse at Naaman's Plaza, Wilmington, DE Roof of Rite Aid store collapses in Claymont Roof collapse at F&N Shopping Center

Clucking Bunny vs. Augie

Kelly controls the clucking bunny while trying to antagonize Augie. It makes Kitty run away and clearly, Augie is not amused.

TIP: Turn up the volume a little to hear Augie's reaction.

David Yow documentary: I'd Rather Be Anywhere Else

Be sure to watch the bonus (Jesus Lizard - "Seasick")

Buzzcocks play "Love You More" on cramped balcony in Dublin, Ireland

From 2009:

Crisis of Conformity reunion: SNL skit

Fist fight in the parking lot!

With nod to Suicidal Tendencies (breakdown part) and Black Flag (Cadena wedding?)

Joe Biden reviews "Avatar"

Shame on Andrea Mitchell for asking the VP on what movies he's seen recently.

Um ... er ... um ... uh ...

The meaning of life = Finding a place for your stuff

Kelly and I watched this the other night and we were laughing a lot.

As told by George Carlin. From his 1986 appearance on Comic Relief.

(Contains brief NSFW language.)

Smiling dog

It's real!