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PJ Harvey and John Parish "Black Hearted Love" on Letterman

This song is so good, the performance is amazingly good.

Maui watches monkeys on TV

Public Image Ltd. - Atlantic City, NJ 2010

Here are my pics from PIL show in Atlantic City, NJ. Only took a few because I was enjoying the show so much.

Public Image Ltd.

Public Image Ltd.

Public Image Ltd.

Public Image Ltd.

Public Image Ltd.

Public Image Ltd.

Public Image Ltd.

Public Image Ltd.

Privacy on social media: It's really about control

What backlash? Facebook is growing like mad
When we discuss privacy, what we're really talking about is control over our personal data. This becomes increasingly important as new technology enables us to share more and more of it. We want to be able to restrict certain types of information to certain people.

Review: Engage Your Brand

Engage Your Brand Engage Your Brand by Lee Mikles

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
This book presents sound ideas and strategies about businesses using social media to connect with and engage its customers. Some real life examples from The Archer Group are included here. Also some examples of how _not_ to use social media. Concise, clear presentation and written from point of authority without being arrogant or overly-complicated. Most of the practices and philosophies I was already familiar with. This book served mostly as reinforcement of what I've learned in my own social media marketing practices.

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Schnauzer father and son

The big dog reminds me of my mom's dog Maxx. The little one reminds me of Maui.

R5 Productions iPhone app = very cool

If you go to indie/alternative/punk shows in Philly and are iPhone enabled, you need this app.

Off! profile in LA Weekly

"I think he's so excited because this takes him back to something that really means something."

-Keith Morris, Off! singer, on Raymond Pettibon's involvement in creating art for the band's music.

Carlton Melton, Philadelphia, PA, April 29, 2010

And Caterpillar gets ready to take the stage and transformer blows outside, ending gig abruptly before they even get to play note.

Fire strikes Jimmy John's on 70th Anniversary

"It looks to me like the building's a total loss"

Heartbreaking: Jimmy John's on fire

Video of Jimmy John's fire shows extent of damage

Fire reported at Jimmy John's eatery - Heavy damage to the exterior and roof of the building is reported.

Jimmy John’s West Chester, PA Burns on 70th Birthday :-(


Preview of Jimmy John's 70th Anniversary celebration: Jimmy John's owner Roger Steward explains what makes their pipin' hot sandwiches so special

Jimmy John's Pipin' Hot Sandwiches on Facebook

Jimmy John's Pipin' Hot Sandwiches on Twitter Jimmy John’s Pipin’ Hot Hot Dogs (2009)