This is the music I love

This is OFF! live at 924 Gilman St., April 22, 2011.

My life changed when I heard and saw punk rock. This is the music I love. The audience participation, the raw energy, the uninhibited freedom. All of it is everything that I hold near and dear to my heart about what music can be.

Walleye 2011 Reunion

Here's video of Walleye's 2011 reunion for Jeff Tiarabassi's 40th birthday. I always had a lot of respect for these guys. They were the only Delaware band I know of to land on Jade Tree. They had their own sound, were loud, raucous and definitely punk rock. Always liked their front man Shane. He just had a great presence leading the band and is a ferocious howler! And the drumming was always very solid.

Letting go of the negative

This six-minute talk, "Three things I learned while my plane crashed: Ric Elias on" has really stuck with me. The thing I like the most is how Ric Elias learned how to let go of the negative. Some of the best advice I have heard lately.

Sigur Ros - "Avalon" (sped up version)

From Sigur Ros' Soundcloud page:

avalon - sped up by sigur rós

Mix for a 16 year-old who is ready to rebel

Eight tracks of classic punk rock, ready to be consumed by a 16 year-old who is full of angst, hates school, hates their parents, hates the jocks, hates everyone, hates everything and is ready to go OFF!

Songs that hit McG's sweet spot

These songs have four or five stars on my iPod and resonate with me for any number of reasons: Emotional, ironic, acerbic, beautiful, etc.