Ice Cream: I've got BATTLES in my life for sure

It is true that Gloss Drop is a bewitching, entrancing album that defies both categorization and easy analysis. Just as Mirrored was a massive leap on from the early EPs that first got them noticed, this is truly another seismic shift, propelling them once more into uncharted territory. It is a sheer sense of fun, unpredictability and inventiveness that sets Battles apart from every other contemporary group. Drummer John Stanier sums this up succinctly: ''I don't think challenging, new music has to be super serious all the time. That's really boring to me and pushing boundaries should not be boring.'' While other acts are content to deal in revivalism or stasis, Battles are still looking for far-off boundaries to study and then demolish, searching for new and exotic styles to mesh together. Stanier concludes: ''When we're writing songs, no one in this group has ever said 'Wait, we've gone too far. This isn't a Battles song.' Because what is a Battles song? We don't know. All I know is that there are no parameters and no boundaries. That is the whole point and has been since day one.''

Col. Russell Williams: Creepiest murderer will make you freak out

He broke into womens' house and stole their underwear. Then he started sexually assaulting women. Then the killing began. The suspect, Col. Russell Williams, is a decorated air force member, who is also the prime suspect in a truly twisted case of compulsion, infatuation and stalking gone seriously wrong.

SST Records: A brief retrospective

By 1986, SST Records had established itself as one of the premiere independent record labels in the U.S. Enjoy eight tracks of awesome indie/punk rock from SST in it's heyday including music by Bad Brains, Sonic Youth and Dinosaur Jr.

An example of beautiful music: John Coltrane Quartet performs "Naima"

Here's an example of how moving, sublime and expressive music can be: The John Coltrane quartet performing, "Naima."

Social media in the First State

Here's a report from First, Delaware's public media news magazine, on the surge of social media in the First State. Congrats to Ken Grant who has helped lead the initiative!

Watch the full episode. See more First.

Want to make someone's day? Pay them a compliment

As humans, we need constant reassuring, reaffirmation and stroking. Without that social interaction and gratitude, we wouldn't be able to function.

Paying someone a compliment is one of my favorite ways to acknowledge someone for doing something interesting or cool, or for just being themselves. The key is to make sure your compliment comes from a genuine place. If you're doing it to advance your own agenda or get something from the other person, it comes off as insincere and will definitely turn them off.

In a hectic world, taking the time to recognize a person for something they've said or done goes a long way and can actually make someone's day a little brighter.

Persistence will overcome resistance

Getting work done in life requires effort. Figure out how much energy you think it'll take to accomplish the task, Then multiply that by three or four.

Moving the needle takes focus, concentration and determination. But it can be moved and gets moved a little, every day. If it seems like nothing is happening today, keep in mind that your cumulative efforts will pay off. Keep at it.

Keith Morris on leaving Circle Jerks, starting OFF!

Keith Morris talks frankly about trying to make a new record with the Circle Jerks and how it led to the incarnation of OFF!