Review: The Riverboat Gamblers - 'To the Confusfion of Our Enemies' CD

With their fourth CD, Denton, TX's The Riverboat Gamblers have proved it's possible to have mainstream appeal while keeping one's punk roots intact on "To the Confusion of Our Enemies." The album's standout track is "Don't Bury Me … I'm Not Dead Yet" which recalls the band's early years slugging out gigs in basements and crappy clubs set to music that sounds like the Foo Fighters at their peak; only more massive and powerful.

"The Biz Loves Sluts" is an explosive punk rock and roll anthem that combines the punk sensibilities of the Ramones and the smart swagger of Austin, Texas punk legends, Big Boys. "The Song We Used to Call 'Wasting Time'" and "Rent is Due" are high velocity thrashers that combine the hardcore angst with pleasing melodic punk-pop harmonies and are typical of the Gamblers' exhilarating live shows.

While critics have been raving about the Gamblers' enthusiastic live shows, due in large part to singer Mike Wiebe's all-over-the-place stage presence, the band could easily make the leap with a bigger presence on the alt-punk music scene this well above average CD.

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