What else are we going to call it?

OK, so like there's no way we're not going to call it that.

Sonny Stitt s/t (Roost Records) LP

Sonny Stitt LP
Sonny Stitt (Roost Records). Found this at Farmer's Market for $1.00. Vinyl a little beat up, but cleaned it with VPN record cleaning machine and it sounds great, despite the crackle.

Ramones Mania (Record Store Day 2010 edition)

Gabba Gabba Hey!

Ramones Mania (Record Store Day 2010 edition)

George Carlin on saving the planet

Earth Day reflections from George Carlin.

Public Image Ltd. - "Public Image" and "Rise" @ Coachella 2010

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Girl on medication at dentist

"I feel like a unicorn just to me on a ride to a magical palace".

My fave part is at 1:45 when mom asks, "Are you OK?" and the girl responds, "Are YOU OK?"

Screamers "Magazine Love" b/w "Cholo Jump" 7"

Screamers - Magazine Love / Cholo Jump 7"

Both tracks live at the Whiskey, LA, 9-14-78, released by Meeuw Records MM024, red vinyl, 400 copies, 2003.

Dog and baby deer fight over ball