FLAG - Groezrock 2013

Not too shabby. Here are the boys from FLAG showing 'em how it's done.

FLAG 1st gig, Moose Lodge, Redondo Beach, CA , April 18, 2013

"In 1979, Black played their first show at Moose Lodge 1873 in Redondo Beach, California. Last night, more than 34 years later, Flag – a group comprised of former members Keith Morris (vocals), Chuck Dukowski (bass), Dez Cadena (guitar/vocals) and Bill Stevenson (drums), with Descendents/All guitarist Stephen Egerton – played the same venue to an invite-only crowd of less than 200 people." - RS

Watch the entire set:

The Spinto Band & Buried Beds, Arden Gild Hall, Arden, DE, April 6, 2013

The Spinto Band performed at Arden Gild Hall in Arden, DE on April 6, 2013. The opening band was Buried Beds. Here are some pictures and video from the show.


First, here are some pictures from the event. My favorite is the little program that Arden Gild Hall makes up for all of their shows.


Now here are some Vines of Buried Beds playing. They were really good. Lots of vocal harmonies that kind of reminded me of Fleet Foxes, plus a fair amount of percussion.

Buried Beds Vine No. 1

Buried Beds Vine No. 2

Buried Beds Vine No. 3

And I made a few Vines for The Spinto Band too.

The Spinto Band Vine No. 1

The Spinto Band Vine No. 2

The Spinto Band Vine No. 3


I didn't get any video of Buried Beds. I should have though! I did get some video of The Spinto Band.

The Spinto Band opened with these two songs back-to-back.

They were really great right out of the gate:

Spinto Band guitarist Joey Hobson got to sing one of his new songs, "Memo," which is from the Spinto Band's album "Cool Coocoon."

And then here's Joey singing, "Leave Yourself Alone,"which is from The Spinto Band's 2012-released album "Shy Pursuit."

Hope you enjoy these as much as I enjoyed seeing The Spinto Band and Buried Beds.

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