Quarterback spikes ball, hits self in nuts

From 2000 CFL game. Toronto's quarterback Kerwin Bell makes a nice fake, then easily scores a touchdown.

Then he decides to spike the ball in a Winnipeg defender's face. He got sacked AND he got a taunting penalty.

Bonus: Mike Tyson-like commentary from idiot in TV booth.

As seen on totalfark.com

Synergy: My favorite new drink

I picked up some G.T.'s Kombucha tea about a month ago and didn't like it at all.

Then I found Synergy: A blend of fruit juice (5%) and Kombucha tea (95%). It's awesome!

It's a potent smelling and tasting tea, no doubt. But it's also a very invigorating drink.

It's full of active enzymes, probiotics, amino acids and antioxidants. In other words, it's a very healthy drink.

I find 1/2 a bottle gives me a nice boost and fills me up as if I had a little snack.

Since I'm trying to eliminate caffeine from my diet, I'll take a Synergy any day over a traditional energy drink, as it's caffeine-free.