Scratch Acid retrospective in Austin Chronicle

The Austin Chronicle has an in-depth retrospective of the history of Scratch Acid. The Greatest Gift
MP3: Ol' Dirty Bastard press conference UNCENSORED

Here is ODB's infamous press conference, which Howard Stern has played repeatedly throughout the years.

Here it is, finally uncensored! The gang talks over it a bit too much, but it's still pretty awesome.

MP3: Ol' Dirty Bastard - Press Conference - (2.4 MB)
VIDEO: S.O.A. - Draw Blank

Here's a vintage video of D.C. hardcore punk band S.O.A., featuring Henry Garfield (Rollins) on vocals from 1980!

I always loved S.O.A.'s "No Policy" EP as comped up on the '4 7"s on a 12"' LP and later on CD, 'Dischord 1981: The Year in Seven Inches.' State of Alert band page
McG on Slayer

Here's a piece I wrote on Slayer for phillyBurbs' Must Have Music Guide: All hail Slayer
WTF? Someone stole Muzzi's fountain!

Now this is lame ... sometime on Sunday, July 30, someone stole the water fountain outside of Angelo's Luncheonette.

If you ever have been to Angelo's for lunch (or breakfast), you know that it is one of the coolest places to grab a bite and is family-run by the Muzzis, some of the nicest people you'll ever meet in Wilmington.

And outside the luncheonette is a gorgeous mini-garden with a bench and water fountain that the Muzzi's installed themselves.

The News Journal reports, "The 300-plus-pound fountain -- painted slate blue with a hint of gold -- was a landmark for several years in Forty Acres, a neighborhood of tidy brick row homes and small businesses. The fountain was the symbol of Angelo's Luncheonette, opened 39 years ago at Gilpin Avenue and North Scott Street."

The good news is that Muzz was able to get in a joke to the reporter. "These must be stupid thieves," he said. "'The last thing you do is fool with an Italian's fountain, because that's the last thing you do.'" Neighborhood misses fountain, stolen Sunday
McG on Stereolab

Here's a piece I wrote on Stereolab for phillyBurbs' Must Have Music Guide: The wonderful world of Stereolab